wild strawberry

Growing up, my summers were filled with vegetable gardens, dogs, cats, and various animals my dad would bring home to our little hobby farm. Days were filled with chores and muggy Minnesota heat. Except Sundays. Church first thing in the morning and then a drive to my grandparents lake cabin. Cold, clear water, sand and delicious pot-luck food! Occasionally we would get to the lake at just the right time to find some wild strawberries. They were tiny little berries that tasted like sweet summer sunshine. You would never get more than a handful of these little jewels.

Strawberry season is upon us in Minnesota. Take advantage of the numerous u-pick farms! As always, the fresher the produce the better the taste and the higher the nutrition. If you are not familiar with berries that have been freshly picked I urge you to spend the money, you may be suprised at the difference in taste and texture! Strawberries are not supposed to be crunchy :[.


Strawberries are truly one of the healthiest foods around, bonus that they are so tasty 🙂 These little guys are packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your body from free radicals. Okay, okay now I’m getting a little sciency so let me break it down like this: Although some free radicals are  necessary, most of us are fighting an internal war with armies of excess free radicals. They are little marauders that cause all sorts of problems with your health, these extra armies are the bad guys.  The good guys, the health heroes, are the antioxidants. Strawberries are loaded with them! So, supply your armies and help your body win this war!

Probably the best way to enjoy your berries in the off season is to freeze them. Just remove the leafy tops (called “caps”), wash, gently dry with a towel, lay them out on a towel lined sheet pan and put them in the freezer. When they have frozen put them in labeled containers and back into the freezer. Easy. Now you can enjoy them in your smoothies all winter!

A different wat to enjoy a few berries may be to make some infused water. In the picure above I combined a few strawberries, cucumber slices and a few basil leaves. It is so refreshing and it certainly helped me drink my water that day! Have some fun. Try some lemon and strawberries or some mint leaves with your little treasures.

If you are keen on bringing treats to work, why not bring in this refreshing treat, or maybe try infused water at your next gathering. The ideas are endless 🙂

Make some memmories and enjoy your fresh berries!



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