Common loon

I live in the truly beautiful state of Minnesota. We enjoy water. Boating, swimming and fishing fill up much of our precious summertime. Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes but there are actually 11,842! As a Minnesota native, I take water for granted; I have never known life without plenty of fresh water.

As a health coach I encourage people to drink water, lots of it. So, I decided to look at water more closely and find out what makes water so great.

Did you know that we are drinking the same water the dinosaurs drank? Even the water that Jesus used to wash his disciples’ feet is still out there somewhere! Our water is filtered thru the earth and comes out in springs and streams; it evaporates and moves into the sky as clouds then rains down on our crops and into lakes and rivers. Around and around it goes.

According to the EPA, 97 % of the Earth’s water is salty, 2 % is locked in ice and that leaves only 1 % of all the water for humanity’s needs. That is about 6.8 billion people relying on 1 % of the water!

I am going to pause here and send up some praise prayers! The more I learn about our beautiful world the more I find to praise Him! Thank you Jesus!

Because we are made up of about 75% (I have seen articles anywhere from 60% to 80%) water, it is crucial to get enough. We rid ourselves of toxins through sweat, urine and your stool. Most Americans live at a low level of dehydration. Drinking enough water is a simple change that can make a big impact on your overall health.

Since your whole body depends on water it is not surprising that getting enough everyday can have an impact on how you feel and how you function. Ph balance, body temperature, metabolism, constipation, headaches, kidney function and healthy skin are just a few on the list. Yup! I will still recommend water as the first and foremost thing you can do to help yourself heal, grow and think!20170712_172927

So, I think it is time to kick back and sip some tasty water! Have a treat and add some veggies or fruit 🙂 Maybe I will turn on the sprinkler and say a grateful prayer for the abundance we have been blessed with!



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