A journey has a beginning. Sometimes the beginning isn’t easy to identify and you only know of it when you have gone far enough to look back.

My “journey” to find better health is like that. For many years I had various aches and pains and I always found reasons why I shouldn’t be worried about them. After all everyone has these kinds of struggles… right? High blood pressure (it’s genetic), achy joints (too much work on my feet), periodontal disease (my mom had bad teeth, too), eczema (I’ve always had dry skin). So what if I am carrying a few extra pounds I’m not that fat…On and on it went.

I had tried a few weight loss plans and they never seemed to work. When I had a change of jobs and I was at home during the day, I thought I would give the “low carb thing” a try. I began to notice that on the days I didn’t eat bread I felt a little better. Around that time my oldest son recommended a book. Wheat Belly, by William Davis, I began to look anew at the things I was eating. I cut out gluten entirely and the change was nothing short of remarkable! I didn’t really drop any weight but I dropped inches! Within 6 months my skin was considerably better. My blood pressure was normal without medication. I wasn’t having nearly as much trouble with gas and constipation and I wasn’t spitting blood every time I brushed my teeth!


Thus began the journey! “If gluten did all of this, what else is lurking in my food!?”

It has been about 5 years now and my view of food and my “philosophy” around it continues to grow. I have always known in my gut that many things you purchase in the grocery store are barely food. If the label reads like a chemistry assignment I don’t really want to eat it!

I recently took a vacation. I visited my son who lives in the beautiful city of San Fransisco. We took long hikes and went up mountains. I would not have been able to do that 5 years ago. I would have made some excuse and I would not have even gotten on the plane, much less hiked up a mountainside! I am so gratefull that my journey started when it did, don’t wait one more day to take your first step!

I am now a certified health coach. I am honored to walk alongside those who want to begin their journey.

I would love for you to experience this kind of change.


I have a sign in my bathroom that reminds me daily to:

“Just Start”

Every small step is a beginning. Every time you choose water over soda, every time you choose to eat a vegetable, every time you make a good choice you get one step closer to a healthier you! Every time you do make a good choice the next one is easier. And walla! You are on your way!

Contact me if you need a little motivation to get going!



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